We Promote LOCAL Artists!

Many musicians, managers and their publicists often ask whether Crowton Radio accepts music for possible airplay, and how they can submit their tracks.
Yes we do accept submissions. And yes, we listen to them - although sometimes we get backed up and it takes a while to get to them all.

If you'd like to get your music played on our station, here's what we recommend:

LISTEN to iCRW 1811, Crowtown Radio! There's no point sending us music that's far outside our format.
Spend some time listening to Our station to get a sense of the various music styles we play.
We play an "adult alternative" mix of rock, alt-rock, pop-rock, hot hits, singer-songwriters, bits of blues and more.
We like VARIETY, innovation, originality - but we don't just play anything and everything submitted to us.

If you believe your music would fit in nicely, send us an email at media@crowtownradio.com.
In your email you can include links to your downloadable audio files
(preferably HD mp3s, but we will work with other formats too).
Or if you'd rather test our interest first, you can send links to streaming audio (on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, YouTube or whatever).
If we decide we'd like to play your music, we'll then request downloadable files.

Also in your email, please include information about yourselves!
Send us your EPK if you have one, or else write about your band, where you're based, your music style, etc.
And be sure to include links to your internet presence - in particular, your website, Facebook page and etc's

In most cases, we'll get back to you within a week or two and let you know if we're at least considering your music.
If we really like a tune, we may pick it as a featured New Music track.
Our Featured tracks get about a two dozen spins a week for up to three weeks.

We always appreciate likes, follows and other social media boosts to help spread the word about Crowtown Radio and Your MUSIC too!

PLEASE NOTE; Only submit music to which you own the rights, or have permission from the rights-holders to distribute for streaming.
By submitting music to us, you give us unrestricted permission to stream it to the public WORLDWIDE!
We ALWAYS respect copyright and will not distribute physical or digital copies of your music in any form.

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